Kathryn Lawrence

Chief Chemist

Kathryn Lawrence is the chief chemist of C3 Industries, bringing 15 years of research and development experience in laboratories around the country along with her passion for cannabis to lead the development of C3 Industries’ robust concentrate, distillate and edibles product lines. 

Prior to joining C3 Industries, Kathryn served as chief chemist at SGCE US, LLC, where she led technology R&D projects as a member of the Core Technology Expertise Team, including the development of chemistry as well as acting as the principal investigator. 

Among her many accomplishments, Kathryn co-authored several patent memos for in-house council on developed products and processes and focused on finding inexpensive materials to blend with Fischer-Tropsch waxes to make products intended for specific applications such as cosmetics, PVC and hot melt adhesives. 

Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry/toxicology and a Master of Science degree in chemistry from Eastern Michigan University.