Margaux Weinstein

Margaux Weinstein

Director of Compliance

Margaux is a highly experienced professional with over 20 years of expertise in the legal and compliance field. Throughout her career, she has worked with diverse organizations, including both small and large corporations, county and state human services departments, as well as private individuals, serving as an advocate and mediator.

Having initially established a solid foundation in the healthcare arena, Margaux made a significant transition in 2019, venturing into the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Motivated by a commitment to ensuring access to natural alternatives for pain management and chronic illness, she entered the medical cannabis space.

After gaining valuable experience in leadership within the medical cannabis sector, Margaux further expanded her impact by transitioning to another multi-state operator involved with both adult-use and medical cannabis. Her in-depth understanding of state-specific requirements, compliance frameworks, and industry best practices has proven invaluable to companies seeking to establish and maintain regulatory compliance.

Margaux possesses a deep understanding of the complex legal frameworks governing cannabis operators. In her role as a Compliance Attorney, Margaux has played a pivotal role in helping cannabis companies navigate the complex and ever-evolving rules and regulations in more than 15 states. Margaux joined C3 Industries in May of 2022. Her passion for justice and commitment to ethical practices have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor.